Sunday, September 24, 2017

D6 2017



(the only 3 pictures I took!)

I left the house bright and EARLY Tuesday morning to fly to Dallas with a group of co-workers. The following days flew by in a complete blur. Serving at the D6 Conference is always an extraordinary honor, but also incredibly tough. Sixteen-hour days in addition to being "on" at all times is difficult. Also completely worth it. I was concerned this year that I wouldn't be able to carry my weight, that I would let my team down. With the exception of a few extra breaks, I managed well. The aftermath has been difficult as I've spent the last 48 hours with my feet and legs so swollen I can hardly walk. Good news is that I've been able to prop them up and recover. I serve as speaker hospitality at the conference (which means I'm in the green room and keep the speakers happy while they're on location). It certainly provides a unique backstage perspective on the whole experience.  A few highlights:

  • Gary Chapman, who authored the very popular 5 Love Languages (and has sold over 10 million copies) was such a kind gentleman. The most impressive thing? He sat and took notes while the other speakers were on stage. A life-long learner is always going to have my respect.
  • I was so impressed with Candace Payne, otherwise known as Chewbacca mom, and her confidence that Jesus has gifted her and placed her in this very unique and specific position of "fame" to further His kingdom. And she's seriously sarcastic and funny.
  • Father/son duo Josh and Sean McDowell sat backstage and discussed Ameria's Got Talent while doling out Instagram advice. Their book signing was probably the craziest thing I've ever been a part of.
  • One of our stage managers very kindly inquired about my treatment/cancer and promised to pray for me. (Several speakers that I've worked with year after year did not recognize me immediately.)
  • My parents attended the conference. Since this event is something I work toward all year long, I wanted them to have a great experience. It was good to share a couple of meals with them in the midst of the crazy. 
  • The quote I left with came from Dr. Richard Ross: "spiritually stagnant parents/youth pastors produce spiritually stagnant kids." 
The kids were out of school this week while I was gone, and Brian still had to work, of course, so they had 3 long days home alone. A few funnies:
  • Rory sent a message (we hooked up my old phone for texting) at 9:39 a.m. saying: "We may have had ice cream for breakfast."
  • She also sent a text the following day that said: "Everything is fine here except for the police outside." After a small bit of panicking, we discovered it was just a joke. ;)
  • They must have been supremely bored because not only did Camden organize the linen closet including washing and drying all of the towels/blankets, but they had official Q & A's with each other that involved questions like, "who would your boyfriend/girlfriend be if you were interested in boys/girls, etc." Ha!
We're hitting the ground running this week with a cross country meet Monday afternoon, and we are eagerly awaiting fall weather to return. This heat is no fun! Happy Sunday, friends.