Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Snapshot: April/May 2016

Starting . . . Reading lists for the kids for the summer. I currently have about 25 books for each kid. Camden will burn through this list in 2-3 weeks. Rory will probably take all summer. Not because she isn't a good reader, but she tends toward lower level reading with girl themes . . . and I didn't pick anything like that out for her. And sixth grade = middle school. Need I say more?
*if anyone wants a copy, send me an email camdensmommy at gmail dot com

Finishing . . . grades 3 and 6. I would say these were tough grades from a social standpoint for both kids. Middle school is kind of the worst, and third grade girls are full of drama. Rory is full of drama. We're trying hard to teach that kindness and compassion are more important than popularity.

Admitting . . . summer break is my least favorite season. Social media tells us summer break is all rainbows and unicorns and magic. Finding childcare, balancing the fun with the boredom, constantly changing media limits, and playing referee to arguing siblings seems a little more like it.

Reading . . . all the books. Here are just a few highlights:
  • Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital - this was an incredibly sad and eye-opening recount of Hurricane Katrina. Reading the first 100 pages during a crazy thunderstorm definitely added drama.
  • The Knockoff - I burned through this book in one weekend. Lots of pop culture references and a very fun read.
  • Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben is always good for a page turner.
  • Salt to the Sea - WWI YA novel that was sad and inspiring.
  • I have Eligible and The City of Mirrors ready to pick up from the library, and I'm excited about both of them.
  • Rory is reading Kat, Incorrigible series by Stephanie Burgis
  • Camden is reading lots, but he just finished So This Is How It Ends by Tui Sutherland; he also recently read Unbroken and loved it.
Listening . . . currently on the search for new music. Nothing seems to interesting right now.
  • Interrupted audio book by Jen Hatmaker (I liked this one enough that I'm asking Brian to read it.)
  • For the Love audio book by Jen Hatmaker, also narrated by Jen Hatmaker so it's kind of the best
  • Sorta Awesome Ep. 59 (Crushing misconceptions about homelessness) - this one provided much food for thought
  • The Simple Show Ep. 28 (Fighting ISIS with Soap) - also thought-provoking
Watching . . . the NBA play-offs. Brian sleeps through them while Camden talks through them. I just try to remain sane.
    Anticipating . . . my trip to NYC with my mom and sisters. Seriously cannot overstate how excited I am about this. We're down to two more sleeps in kid terms.

    Laughing . . . because why wouldn't you wash the deck with car sponges and Windex?

    Also laughing . . . Rory wants the Golden State Warriors to win because Lebron James plays on that team. When I informed her he actually doesn't play for GSW, she decided she wanted the Tornadoes to win. And by Tornadoes, she means OKC Thunder.

    Feeling . . . #unashamed. A by-product of the Colton Dixon/Building 429 concert we attended recently. He is disappointed no one has asked him what it meant because he was prepared to explain.

    Celebrating . . . Memorial Day with friends and family and our 19th wedding anniversary (totally didn't realize it was 19 until Brian posted on FB).



    Photos . . . 


    Still playing with army men. I'm wondering how much longer this will last.

    Final sixth grade project (waited until the last minute to finish, of course).

    Could he be any bigger?


    Vicky said...

    Love this- we'll never regret having these glimpses back on our life. I never tire of reading and seeing...

    Christine @ 12,450miles said...

    Oh man. Feeling you on the summer break and it hasn't even started! So many good tidbits in here too...