Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday

I missed last week so I guess I have two weeks to catch up on . . .

1. No blog post last Friday because my computer crashed. Ugh. However, it's running fast and smooth with its new solid state drive so maybe that situation didn't turn out so badly. And as a result of losing the majority of my programs, I've finally upgraded to Photoshop CC (which I've had access to 2 years now). There is a serious learning curve, but it's kind of fun to learn something new. Well, fun after it's learned anyway.

2. I also missed last Friday's post because after Bible study Friday morning, Rory and I made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it trip to Missouri to visit with my parents and both sets of grandparents.

3. Evenings have been consumed with baseball, but I'm soaking it all up since this is Camden's last year of Little League. There is something just so adorable and quintessentially American about a baseball field full of boys (even the not-so-little ones) in the spring. We have even been watching MLB games on TV, and that is certainly something I could have never imagined myself doing. Prior to having a baseball player in the house, I pretty much hated baseball. Camden's team has had a major series of ups and down (they won 22-3 last weekend, but have lost everything since).

4. Camden only has THREE days left of school. Sixth grade has flown by. I am completely gobsmacked by the passage of time since Christmas. I look at the calendar every few days and just feel shocked at the date.

5. Rory burned her way through the first 3 Harry Potter books in the past 10 days. While I have read them aloud to the kids over the years, she hasn't always been very interested. Not sure what prompted her to start, but she has been reading non-stop.








to china and back said...

They (HP) get pretty intense pretty quickly after the third one. I try to distract my young children after that point and then get them to start back on the series when they're a little older. But if you have read them all yourself (like this geek) then you already know what you think about the later ones. :)

Norman said...

I love the pictures, Melissa--and your trip to make us all happy! Hurry back to see us!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

Once ethan started he zipped right thru them all and has read them many times over the years! Way to go Rory!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Way to rock it with the reading AND the riding Rory!