Monday, May 23, 2016

Five on Friday (May 20)

(let's just go ahead and pretend I posted this on Friday)

1. We had a Saturday afternoon to ourselves so we visited a nearby park that was part of the Trail of Tears. I've never felt more like a parent as we tried to tell them the story of the Trail of Tears and make this long random stretch of woods with no landmarks seem interesting.







2. We've had an extra girl around our house this week. I've let Rory take over the mothering, and she kind of loves it. Pictures from this will have to reside in their own post because I overdid the picture taking, of course.


3. The life of a baseball family continues (it's all over next week) and we have lost a whole bunch of games in the last couple of weeks. As in, all of them. Still fun to watch (and Camden has pitched some great games - he recently pitched 65 balls and 51 were strikes), but it sure would be nice to win our last game or two.

4. I gave away all my cancer scarves to a new friend who has breast cancer. It was odd to pull out the rubbermaid. That rubbermaid has traveled with us through two moves and has occupied a space in the furthest corner of the garage. I was amazed as I pulled out those scarves and remembered so many good times. I remember when my hair started growing back; I could not get pack those scarves away fast enough, but over the years I've had difficulty getting rid of them. It somehow felt if I put them behind me for good that I would be jinxing myself. But I washed those scarves, folded them, and delivered a big bag full to Stacy and all I felt was glad that I could pass them on.

5. Rory performed in her second piano recital Sunday. We have transitioned from the over-achieving parent whose intelligence and sense of accomplishment rests in their children's performance to the casual parent who barely shows up on time and feels no sense of pressure or expectation of perfection. I kind of like myself as the second parent better.


Norman said...

Neat, Melissa! Hmmm, Trail of Tears. An awful part of our history, huh? We have a park along the Mississippi River at Cape, as well as a museum there. I'm looking forward to Addison's pictures, and a win for Camden!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

[I had to look up Trail of Tears. Eek!] I often find myself googling for information on hikes/walks to make it more engaging for two boys who don' I feel ya!

And HUGE STEP on the scarves! I can appreciate all the emotions that must have come out of that Rubbermaid.