Friday, June 05, 2015

We're home!

We arrived home from Disney about 10:15 Wednesday evening. I headed back to work Thursday morning while Brian and the kids prepared for a community outreach event we have scheduled for Saturday. We have family arriving Saturday and then Brian and the kids (along with the cousins) head to camp Sunday.


I feel like I need to take a deep breath!

We spent 8 days fully enjoying the Disney experience and each other without a care in the world. I came home with a full heart and so many memories. Brian and I both have said we're not sure we could ever go back to Disney because there's just no way a second trip could live up to this adventure. All four of us spent the week feeling spoiled beyond measure and so loved by our friends and family who made the trip happen.

I'm slightly (or maybe alot) overwhelmed with the sheer number of pictures and memories and am having a very hard time deciding what to share here. For now, I'm going to simply share my two favorite pictures (taken by the Disney photographers) from our very first night at Disney and then fill in the blanks as summer progresses.

Space Mountain. Pretty sure our faces tell the tale.


Headed out of Magic Kingdom our first night. The castle truly is magical. We were exhausted, but so happy!



Norman said...

Thanks for sharing your memories!

melinda said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip! I know you had so much fun & made so many happy memories. We've been going to Disney every year for the past 6 years. We'll be celebrating our 30th anniversary there in August. Such a magical place!

Bob and Brenda said...

We were so excited that you all got to go and had such a good unforgettable time!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

Share away never too many photos! Glad you guys had an amazing time!