Friday, June 19, 2015


Pinterest and DIY bloggers are full of ideas to freshen up your kitchen, most notably - paint those cabinets! Easy peasy, right?

The reality is that you spend 2 days simply prepping the area, multiple days painting. All of the contents of your kitchen are dumped into your bedroom, which makes you feel like you're living as a hoarder. There is a solid layer of dust everywhere. And no one tells you there will be enough fumes to give everyone headaches. I jokingly said last night I was pretty sure the fumes were giving me cancer. And we've had a few laughs about the fact that Brian thought it was going to be a 2-day job.

Brian has been a rock star; he's on day 4 of 12-hour days. We're hoping by tonight the last coat of paint will be on the cabinets, and the clean-up can begin. The faces of the cabinets and trim won't be quite ready yet, but I'll be satisfied just to get rid of some dust and an actual working stove/refrigerator/microwave.

If I would have had any idea of how much work this would be for Brian, I would have never casually suggested how nice it would be to have white cabinets. Just one more sign that Brian loves me like crazy because he could care less about white cabinets.

The poor kids are feeling the summer blues already. Of course, they've been on their own because I've been at work and Brian has been dealing with the paint situation. Rory was in tears last night because "it's just so boring around here." I guess helping out around the house is just not quite the same as Disney. ;)



The past 8 weeks have flown by and I go to Vanderbilt tonight for a CT scan and then I'll see Dr. Crispens for results Tuesday. I am feeling little to no anxiety, and I physically feel great. It crossed my mind earlier this week that sometimes when I'm feeling so little anxiety that it is God's way of preparing me for bad news, but I'm going to just embrace the feeling of no anxiety and not worry about results.