Monday, June 15, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

To catch up . . .

The kids went to camp with Brian and their cousins while the mamas had photo shoots, ate good food and watched alot of NBA basketballs.

Photo taken a few seconds after arriving home from camp Friday. Somehow they don't look quite as worn out as I thought they would.

Camden's first baseball game in over a year (in which he pitched the entire game, hit a home run, and nearly broke his nose).

A certain 8 year old in our house returned from her first week of camp with all 10 pair of underwear still clean, tucked safely away in the top of the suitcase.

One of the boy cousins (I'll leave it a secret as to which one) got scared one night at camp and decided not to brave the trip to an actual bathroom. Let's just say a styrofoam cup pulled from Uncle Brian's suitcase was put to good use (and then promptly dropped onto the cabin floor).

Took a trip down memory lane at our alma mater (all 3 Hale girls plus their spouses met and graduated here). Pictures from the big girl camera to come.

We spent many long hours early in our dating relationship on this swing. Brian likes to tell the story of how we "studied" together for our NT final, and he failed for the first and only time in his college career.


The window just above Camden was my work home for many, many years.


Everyone left this morning; I worked; Brian and the kids started their summer at home. No Disney, no cousins, no camp. It feels very quiet around the house, and I have a suspicion we'll all need a bit of transition time from the busyness of the past couple of weeks into the slower days of summer break.

Brian, however, doesn't believe in transition time and put himself to work sanding and painting our kitchen cabinets . . . and has a deadline of Thursday since I'm hosting a group of women from church Thursday evening.
Welcome to the lazy days of summer.


Amy said...

LOVE all the pics of the kids at Welch!!! That swing brings back tons of memories. The story of Rory and the clean underwear! That will be a fun story to remind her of when she's all grown up! 😂