Friday, August 01, 2014

Photo Friday

I had it in my head that I should wait until the kitchen and table were decorated completely before unveiling our new table. But then reason prevailed and I decided to just post the few pictures I've already taken. One of these days I might get it decorated and set up exactly the way I want.



Rory was watching from her bike in the garage. Ignore the boxes.

First breakfast at the table.

This totally cracked me up. He's inspecting the English muffin very closely.


Rory wanted to know why I was showing off her booty on my blog. I was just taking a picture of the bench!

I always thought I wanted a white table. Then I thought I wanted a rustic farm table. Then I thought maybe I wanted a rustic farm table with white legs and benches.

And then I found this table, which was lightly distressed, Amish made, and black. I like the contrast of the very light walls and flooring with the cabinets and now our table. Take a look at my beautiful kiddos with their black hair and high contrast eyes and skin. There's a reason why I'm always drawn to high contrast instead of soft and white.:)

So far we're really happy with the table. It is very wide and a tighter fit in my kitchen than the previous table, but the wide top means plenty of room for dishes. The benches have nice wide seats and are very comfortable. They easily sit 3 adults on each side, but I will say that benches are less accommodating in terms of getting in and out than I imagined. I'm hoping to find quirky, colorful  chairs to put at each end of the table. And one day I might paint the bench and table legs white, but for now I love the black and my kitchen smells likes freshly cut lumber which is kinda fun!