Friday, August 08, 2014



It has been one busy week.

I started my new job Monday; the kids went to a paid babysitter for the first time; Brian's first year with the new county officially started Monday (even though he's been working off and on with them all summer); and the kids started 2nd and 5th grade yesterday. I missed their first day of school for the first time.

It's been a little nuts.

Barring some catastrophe this afternoon, however, we will have all survived the week. My first week back to work after 6.5 years has been both exhilarating and exhausting. It's fun to be challenged in this way and to remember that I used to be good at something, but, oh, is it exhausting as well! I've never been a working mother of 2 before, and it is certainly a different kind of juggling act than staying at home.

The kids were a little more tired and grouchy in the evenings than I was expecting, but I think that getting back into school and in a routine will help them deal with the transition. Brian has had an even crazier week. While I described my week as exhilarating/exhausting, I'm guessing his definition would just be exhausting. For a teacher, getting back to school is always so much harder than it seems, and he has had some very late nights and very early mornings in a row. I feel so bad for him because I can just see the stress settle over him.

We've all 4 agreed to give ourselves and each other a little grace for the next couple of weeks as we find our groove. The house is a little (or a lot) messier than I like, and it's been cereal for breakfast all week.

It is August 8 and I don't even have a file for August photos yet (if that gives you any indication of how busy we've been), but here are just a couple from the week.

My office

This picture completely cracks me up because it is just so representative of their personalities right now. She is a hot mess, and he is kind of disgusted with her in general.

I worked from home on Wednesday (the kids will typically be in school so, in theory, this should be very doable), and Rory sat right next to me "working" as well.

I was so busy this week I didn't even have time to eat half the time so I survived on coffee. Way too much coffee.

It's possible I bought a few pairs of shoes.

This one is from last week. She's got a dress on, the stroller at her feet, baby on her lap, purse next to her, reading Fancy Nancy.

Happy Friday!


Vicky said...

Okay I am officially exhausted from your week- and just teeny bit jealous too :) So great you are working! So encouraging to me. Keep going- just keep going! Love and blessings to you!