Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits

It's official. Ear infections are the pits. Are grown-ups really supposed to get these things?

After reading Jen Hatmaker's 7 last summer, I resolved to get rid of paper products, plastic baggies, recycle, etc. I did a decent job of it and even went an entire year without purchasing paper plates . . . until our recent visit with Becky's family and now I'm hooked again. I'll go back to saving the planet when summer break is over.

Along with no longer saving the planet, I seem to have also abandoned my treadmill.

I have a new little corner in my living room. Okay, not new, I just actually put something on the wall. I still want to get a teeny little table and cute burlap pillow for this chair.

And, look! I actually have a plant that isn't dead in my house.

And just a couple of favorites from Addison's 18 month photo shoot. She is so stinking cute.





Melissa said...

I really hope your ear starts feeling better. Ear infections are miserable.

Can Addison be any cuter? Seriously, she is *so* cute! Great pictures, btw! :)

Amy said...

So sorry you are still suffering with your ears. You must be so miserable.

Love your little corner and especially that chair!

The pictures of Addison are precious. She is beautiful and growing up so fast!

Vicky said...

Lousy ear infections- but totally cute chair in the corner- wow- love :) Addison seems like a complete doll and ohhh the blue dress and the look on her face in the last one... ahhhhh.

Beth said...

I think ear infections as an adult are the worse! I had one last year and I swear the pain was worse than when I had spinal fusion surgery with a bone graft from my hip! I am not kidding. Advil just didnt even touch it. I hope you get some relief soon.

Those pics of Addison are so sweet.

Christine said...

LOVE your new little nook! And the photos of A?! Gasp! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.