Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits

(posting Tuesday Tidbits late again, but I'm not changing the title just because it's Wednesday)

Rory has started playing with her babies again, and last week she took baby sister shopping with us.

In addition to taking care of her babies, Rory has also picked up dance again and yesterday she treated us to her "dance recycle."

I have decided that two weeks before a 10th birthday is officially my least favorite age. Oh, the obnoxiousness that accompanies almost-10 year olds.

Speaking of birthdays, I am in denial that Camden is going to be in double digits.

I've decided I kinda like Feedly after all, which is a good thing because google reader is officially gone.

Panicking a little at the busyness coming up for our family that will include a visit from my parents, a new oncologist appointment, breast MRI, July 4 picnic, 3 full days of in-service for Brian, quick 8 hour trip to West Virginia and then rush back home so we can pack up for a very long drive to Tampa, Florida for a pastors conference for which I do not even  have appropriate clothes. I sure wish we were headed to Florida for vacation instead.

Brian and I were able to get away for a few hours alone Monday. We did some shopping, ate lunch at Chuy's and then wasted 2.5 hours of our time watching Man of Steel. I was supremely disappointed. Not so much at the very pretty Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, but was not expecting so much sci fi back story.

I had the bright idea of letting the kids fix supper for us last night so they pulled out the Rachel Ray kid's cookbook and fought for days over what they were going to make. They finally decided on pigs in a blanket and pasta and trees (a.k.a. broccoli).  They were immensely proud of themselves despite the fact that the workload was divided about 70/30 (with the parents doing the majority of the work). We all managed to keep our sanity intact until clean-up time, and then the fun was pretty much over.

It's been 3 months since a  CA125 check/scan, and Friday I will meet my new oncologist. After alot of discussion, prayer, and changing my mind approximately 463 times, I am switching to Dr. Crispens at Vanderbilt. Going without tests/scans has been wonderful and has allowed me to mostly forget about cancer for a little while, but the anxiety level over Friday has started to rise tremendously. I want to shut myself off in my quiet, calm, cheerful bedroom and not come out. I've been a bit of a hermit the last couple of days. It's just easier to read or have TV marathons than to face reality.

My parents and brother arrive this afternoon and a flurry of activity begins so I probably won't be online much. If I can get it together, I do have super cute pictures of Addison from her official 18 month photo shoot.


Vicky said...

I swear you live inside my head sometimes... I find myself holed up in my room with tv, books, iPad- anything that will hide me away for awhile when the stuff just swirls around a bit too much.

Dance recycle- oh she cracks me up :)

Prayers for peace and fully knowing He has this!

I love being able to visualize where you'll be going- I stayed at the Vanderbilt Hotel once and if memory serves correct the hospital was right down the street.

Beth said...

Praying for you, that all goes well today. Praying Godnwill calm your anxieties. ((Hugs))

Amy said...

Hope everything went well yesterday and that you are enjoying your family's visit!

Randi Oh said...

Always sending up prayers for you.