Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Week of Summer

This morning marks the beginning of our last week of summer, and it is blissfully uneventful. After the whirlwind of trips and doctor's appointments recently, I am looking forward to a slow week. Brian is taking Camden camping for his annual birthday trip and the whole family is making a fast 1-day trip to Missouri to visit both sets of my grandparents (as well as my parents who happen to be visiting), but today's agenda includes only 3 things: baking chocolate chip cookies (Camden's request for campfire food), cleaning 2 bathrooms, and Project Life.

Saturday I drove to Nashville to meet my friend and fellow chemo buddy (from my original diagnosis and chemo). It was both difficult and cathartic to relive those long, hard days and exchange war stories. We both have quite a few, unfortunately.  (Hello, Barbara and Audri!)

Saturday night our church was involved in a community movie at the park. We handed out raffle tickets as well as church cards. Sunday a new family to our city attended church as a result. It was a great thing for our kids to experience since they handed out the majority of the church cards. Camden, which is typical for him, was very reticent to approach people, but he and Rory quickly turned it into a competition. Also typical.

And a pedicure for Rory Sunday afternoon.

She giggled through the entire thing. Those missing teeth kill me.


Vicky said...

Yay for a less-stressed week and some fun things ahead! Those toothless smiles are to be treasured for their fleeting nature for sure.

Norman said...

Great success from the movie night!!!
Looking so forward to your visit here. -This morning worked on the menu for lunch that day--got it covered.

Christine said...

Your week sounds exactly what summer should be like!!! :)