Corona Diary #3

Week 5 is over, and it was probably the easiest so far. Despite having both a vicious cough AND a stomach bug, I felt more content this week than I have since we began sheltering at home. I'm not exactly sure why that would be, but I hope it continues.

It's official - the kids will not return to school this year. Rory cheered while Camden blinked back a tear and did his best not to scream. He is really struggling without the daily social interaction although he does have several areas of connection via phones, FortNite, and Zoom. I know it's not the same, and I'm reading that teenagers in general are struggling with the loss of their interaction with friends.

We had a lovely Good Friday service quietly at home. The kids and I had communion while Brian led the service online. I also enjoyed Easter although we didn't dress up, cook a ham, or even take a picture. Our most exciting moment came Easter evening as we watched Little Women. Rory was crafting on the floor and suddenly burst into a cross between screaming, crying, and laughing at the sight of a mouse running across the floor in front of her. Thankfully, Brian caught the mouse the next morning so now we don't have to move.



My new computer is up and running and I am very, very slowly relearning Lightroom. There are so many updates since I last used it 2 years ago that it is like using a brand new program. Also. I had 2700 photos to upload from the last 24 months. Yes, 2700, which is just ridiculous. Here's one of the first photos I uploaded - from December 2018. I can't believe how much they've all changed since then!


Here's what we're reading/watching/cooking:
  • Songland returned this week and was just as delightful as season 1.
  • Camden declared Little Women to be in his top 5 movies because it is a piece of art. And I completely agree. Not sure when I've enjoyed a movie as much as that one.
  • I'm about halfway through my first Ken Follett book - Fall of Giants - and I am interested to continue the series.
  • I made chicken parm from scratch for the first time ever and it's going into the regular dinner rotation.
  • Rory baked a lemon pound cake with glaze all on her own this week, and it was delicious. Pound cake is Brian's favorite and anything lemon is Camden's.
  • We're tackling brownies with oreo cookies inside for our weekend treat.
  • I signed up for the Book of the Month club and can't wait for my first book to arrive. Click this link to get your first month for $5 (and I'll receive a free book if you do).
  • Camden and I are VERY eagerly awaiting The Last Dance documentary on ESPN. I cannot even say how excited I am for this. I grew up near Chicago in the Michael Jordan glory days. Brian and I watched the Bulls win one of their championships on our honeymoon so this is right up my alley and I can't wait to share it with Camden.
Bring on Week #6!


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