Corona Diary #2

(Written April 3)

Well, the previous post seems like it was written in another lifetime. It is crazy how quickly things change these days. So, to update: Kids are out of school until May 4 (and I won't be surprised if they don't go back at all); Brian and I are still working at home exclusively. We don't leave the house except to grab groceries (trying to keep this to once a week and using Walmart grocery pickup when available). Camden is incredibly frustrated over missing out on school despite being very connected via phone, school, and Fortnite to his friends. Rory is spending a couple of afternoons a week chatting with friends, but seems to be enjoying the slower schedule. In fact, she kind of likes quarantine.

The kids were on spring break this week, and it amazes me to see the change in their demeanor. A definite lightness of spirit without schoolwork expectations. For what it's worth, while they're distance learning Camden spends 8ish-1ish working from the kitchen table without breaks and Rory spends 9ish-12ish. I fully understand that some of Camden's time is spent conversing with friends, btw.

I think I expected there to be a lot of time to deep clean, organize, finish up tasks, etc. while on quarantine. We are beginning week 4 so there should have been plenty of time, right? Instead, I find that I am crazy busy and it takes everything in me just to keep the household moving forward, food on the table, work projects complete, etc. I do not have the mental or emotional capacity to tackle deep cleaning or house projects or anything extra. Days feel like groundhog day over and over. I am intentionally keeping Saturdays free of chores for the kids and tackling all the laundry at once. Sundays are completely free of work and we've even tried taking a Sabbath from our phones on Sundays. This is harder than it should be.

Another quarantine activity: daily family devotions. We are reading through the book of Romans, choosing a Psalm and reading it every day for a week, and keeping an ongoing list of gratitude and prayer requests. Doing this daily is a goal, but sometimes falls through the cracks and that's okay. Everyone is doing their best.

We are socializing in different ways. I have daily zoom meetings for work. Wednesday nights we all have church connect groups via zoom. I'm still co-leading a connect group Friday mornings via zoom. Marco Polo has been a huge part of keeping in touch. I have a group for my Friday morning crew, a mom/sister group, and the Lewis family has a Marco Polo group, which means we're communicating more than we ever have in my entire 22 years of marriage.

Speaking of the Lewis family, my 9-year old nephew Levi was diagnosed with leukemia, and it is so hard and so sad. I feel so much empathy for his suffering although I cannot imagine Tim and Jess's pain. Coming right on top of my 9 year cancer anniversary feels like a lot of heavy emotions to contend with. We celebrated with ice cream for breakfast Tuesday, March 31.


Even though my parents/grandparents are nearby, we have chosen to stick to the guidelines and keep our distance. We've gathered one night on the back patio and one night around a campfire, but that's it.




A few books/TV shows we're consuming:
  • The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell - my book club choice. It was just okay.
  • Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano was excellent. The last third was especially good and I cried twice in the last few chapters.
  • Fall and Rise: The Story of 911 by Mitchell Zuckoff was incredible. I'm encouraging Camden to read it, which is like a guarantee that he won't. 
  • Just Mercy was an important movie to watch as a family. Camden said he's never cried so much during a movie although he hid it well.
  • We've also enjoyed A Letter For the King, a new family series on Netflix. Unfortunately, there are only 6 episodes.
  • QB1 has been our lunchtime viewing - Season 1 was good, season 2 not so much, but season 3 is looking up.
  • We're working our way through the Mission Impossible movies.
  • I'm watching Anne With an E and Superstore.



Una said…
Thank you for all you do, it’s inspiring to see how it all can be managed. I’m so sorry to hear about your nephew. I wish him, and all of you, bundles of strength.

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