Saturday, June 16, 2018


I am enjoying a quiet Saturday morning complete with birds chirping outside the window, a good book and a hot cup of coffee. As I was writing my daily Scripture (I use this blog's monthly plan) and recording my list of things to be thankful, I decided to share them here.

Both kids have been especially joyful this week. Rory had friends here Tuesday for a sleepover and not only did the 3 girls giggle non-stop, but Camden was a sweet host and also played along. So many big grins as Rory anticipated the evening and then so many giggles in the midst. Camden has also been especially excited this week because the World Cup began Thursday. He's a huge soccer fan (okay, actually a sports fan in general) and he is so happy to watch the games.

We celebrated Liz's birthday last weekend. There are so many of us in Tennessee these days that we have a standing birthday celebration each month. And, tomorrow, we'll celebrate Father's Day together.


This week at work, not only did I get to spend my Monday at Pinewood Social for a day-long meeting (if you have to have an 8-hour meeting, it might as well be somewhere cool) and go to Woolworth's for a quarterly birthday lunch on Thursday, but my friend Kathy is in the building, and she stopped by to give me a hug hello and to pray with me before all my doctor's appointments.

And speaking of doctor's appointments, my CA125 has dropped another few points to 17.6 - the lowest since 2014.

For the final item on my gratitude list for today, I've taken a screenshot of our church's FB page.


One more ministry-related item I am thankful for - Brian was invited to present a breakout at the D6 Conference this year. How incredible is that!

Happy Saturday, Friends.


Monica said...

WOW! I'll be praying for both y'all and the church in the days to come. Would he take this position full-time or would he still teach? Praying for wisdom for all of you!

Melissa said...

Well, hoping he could drive a bus for the county so we could keep the same level of insurance which is pretty important. But definitely not teach.