Sunday, January 21, 2018

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadow. -James 1:17

In true Tennessee fashion, we started our snow days with warm weather, took a dramatic turn into single digits and two rounds of snow. Brian and the kids ended up with snow days from Friday, January 12 - Friday, January 19. (Brian actually had to go back to school Friday because our county requires teachers to work on some snow days.) The temperature went from a high of 15 to a high of 62 in about 2 days flat.


Snow days give permission to both adults and kids to rest and relax. Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were just absolutely lovely. This week slightly less lovely because I was working from home, still had doctor's appointments and chemo . . . with everyone home together.

So, here's how we filled our days.

Lots and lots of travel documentaries. I can't take my kids around the world, but that's why we have Netflix. Our absolute favorites are I'll Have What Phil's Having and Somebody Feed Phil.  Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby and Planet Earth 2 are perfect for snow days. We also watched To Kill a Mockingbird, The Pursuit of Happyness, and National Treasure. I binged the entire season 2 of Last Chance U and Brian caught up on Quantico and the Blacklist. 

Breakfast is generally non-existent in our house, but on snow days we cooked breakfast every day - pancakes and bacon, sausage and biscuits, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, etc. Camden is clearly enjoying the camera catching him in that apron.

Brian taught the kids to play rummy.

We had church together on the couch Sunday morning. Camden led us in worship. This memory is at the top of the list for Snowmageddon 2018.

We drank a lot of coffee. A lot.



Rory made crafts - look how cute this colorful snowflake is!



Some serious snow shoveling happened



Surprisingly, very little playing in the snow. I guess they're too old and worried about the cold for that these days.


Brian made Rory a bookcase for her room. He's working on one for me next.


Lots of selfies:




The whole crew came with me to Vanderbilt for my appointments and chemo Wednesday. We had to be there bright and early, but I actually really enjoyed the earlier schedule. My energy level was so much better as we walked out at noon instead of the usual 6:00ish. Camden had never been to The Grilled Cheeserie so we remedied that situation. He says they're almost as good as his own grilled cheese. 




And now we're at the end of our snow vacation. Everyone heads back to school and the office tomorrow. These past 8 days were an unexpected reprieve from an actual schedule, and the downtime gave me the opportunity to be sick after 2 chemo treatments without really missing much. Carefree days don't come around often, and I tried really hard to soak up the moments. 

Maybe winter isn't quite over - it's only January 21 after all.



Amy said...

I want a snow day at your house. That is not at all how they look at my house. I'm sure you remember those days! There isn't much relaxing! 😂

Monica said...

Great photos. And I love that Camden thinks his grilled cheese sandwiches are even better than a restaurants. And that bookcase!!! Brian did an incredible job! Still praying that your side effects subside.

Norman said...

I can't believe the snowflake!!!! There should soon be another one to show off!! And thanks so much for Saturday!!!