November/December 2017 Catch-Up

God's love was revealed to us in this way: God sent His one and only Son into the world so that we might live through him. -I John 4:9

I'm choosing to just quickly write events out in list form with little commentary purely for memory-keeping purposes. Fair warning - I am considering converting to a private blog. As the kids grow older (I have a teen and preteen!), I want to protect their stories and I want the freedom to document our life with honesty and transparency. While I would hate to lose touch with all of my readers after so many years, it just seems like it might be time. Still giving this some thought.

Camden was diagnosed with the flu. He's all good.

Brian's dad had a heart attack. He also appears to be all good.

I made a quick 3-day work trip to Greensboro, NC (my first visit to NC, btw). If you've ever wondered what the presidential suite looks like, this is one small part of it.


Brian and I spent the day together during my last scan day, mostly at Vanderbilt, but we also had a chance to grab lunch and it's worth mentioning. Milk and Honey is a new, adorable coffee/food/bakery in Nashville and I can't wait to visit again. We also tried out a new coffee spot - Sump Coffee was interesting, but I'll probably cross it off the list and move on.


After the first basketball game of the season, we had a 3-week break. Back in action now and Camden scored his first career points. After a couple of games, he appears to be the 6th man, which is fun. I'm certainly not suggesting he's a star, but the personal progress he's made is pretty remarkable.


Work has been intense, but is slowing down for the holiday season. I only have 1 more day in the office and 1-2 more days working from home and then I'll be finished until January 2. This has also been a fairly intense 5-6 weeks of chemo in terms of side effects. While the cancer is receding, chemo side effects are in full force. I'm hoping to have a little chemo break over the holidays, but that isn't confirmed.

Brian's parents came to TN for a quick overnight visit. I did not even snap a one single picture.

My grandparents rolled and baked my Christmas cookies for me. So sweet and helpful!

Someone gave Rory play make-up, and she experiments pretty much every day. It is not subtle.

I'm reading books #55 and #56 for 2017; my goal was 60.

The school Christmas program was Friday night and Camden surprised us with a solo.


We're facing about a 20% overall income reduction as we move into 2018 and life has felt a bit like a living version of Murphy's law with both vehicles needing work, unexpected expenses, etc. But God has also shown Himself so faithful and we've been reminded time after time that finances are no big deal.

I'm headed to Nashville for my regular Wednesday schedule of lab work, doctor appointment, and chemo. I have a friend coming to keep me company and I'm ever hopeful for a smooth, quick day at Vanderbilt.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Joan B said…
As someone who does not know you, but has read your blog for years, I would be sad to no longer have access to it. However, children deserve their privacy and I would totally understand. Whatever you decide I want you to know that I love your writing and wish you and your family absolutely the best!
Ramsh said…
I also completely understand why you would consider converting to a private blog. However, selfishly, I would very much miss this blog:) I have followed along for years and look forward to your posts.
I understand why you may leave blogging, but I hope that you won't. While your children say that they wish for privacy, when they are grown they would give anything to go back and read what you post. I know that my now grown children would love to read my posts of their growing up days!

Merry Christmas, and may God bless your family!
Vicky said…
Count me in, too. I adore being able to check in here and truly see how you're doing, but would respect your decision of course. How fun to have "play" make up for Rory. Her personality continues to shine through your photos of her. Isn't it satisfying to see our kids achieve those milestones like scoring career points? Each goal my son makes, is it's own celebration even now. It hasn't lost its luster in all these years. Congrats to Camden! Praying you can have a little chemo break and that it continues to knock your cancer back when you go back to it again. Merry Christmas!
Same here... have been following you since you picked up your daughter in Korea (about a year before we picked up ours). Will miss keeping up with you and your family if you go private, but understand the considerations for your children.
J.S. said…
I have been following your blog for many years and would truly miss keeping up with you. Although I don’t know you, ovarian cancer has touched our family greatly. Your posts have been such an encouragement to me. With that being said, I totally respect why you might want to go private with your blog. If you do, please know that I will continue to pray for you. Merry Christmas!

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