Goodbye, 7th and 4th grade

The kids completed grades 7 and 4 this week and have officially moved on to bigger and better things. Seventh grade was tough but not as bad as 6th grade (my guess is this will be on repeat over the several years). Fourth grade was good for Rory in many ways. The organization of 4th grade fed into her need for independence and she conquered it. Well, as much as you can expect a 4th grader to conquer independence regarding schoolwork. Her teacher was one of my favorites of all the teachers the kids have experienced and I'm sorry to lose her as we move into middle school with Rory. The choir teacher (also Camden's home room teacher and Rory's piano teacher) is moving away, and both of my kids are so sad. As in, they both climbed into the car and said they'll never be in choir again (said with tears from Camden). It's hard to say goodbye to great teachers!

Mostly I'm sorry to say that I now have 2 middle schoolers. 

Both kiddos have faced challenge on the social front, but I think we can chalk that up to our crazy, ever-changing world. Life is always going to be socially awkward and never more so than as a tween and teen. God, please grant me patience and wisdom. Lots of it.

You will not find a more awkward set of end-of-year pictures, but here they are in all their glory.







And the first day of school for comparison's sake.



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