Spring Favorites

The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry
and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.
Isaiah 58:11

I don't have the emotional energy to preserve memories this week so how about a few happy favorites and distractions instead.

Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals - these are adorable, come in so many different prints, and are amazingly comfortable. Like, feel as if you aren't wearing shoes comfy. I might have ordered 2 pairs in a recent buy one/get one sale, and my feet do not regret it one bit. (Ignore my feet; it is definitely time for a pedicure!)


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon perfume - I bought the small rollerball (or maybe it was a freebie?) sometime last fall, and I always receive compliments when I wear it so the full-size bottle is on my wish list. I'm always surprised when I hear friends mention they don't wear perfume because smelling good is one of my favorite things! My perfume favs err on the expensive side (for example, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is my dream perfume) so I tend to have lots of perfume samples instead of perfume bottles. 

Soap and Glory Flake Away - I love a good scrub but hate the oil and the residue it leaves in the tub. This stuff is so light, not oily at all but works awesome and smells even better.

Crazy Cool Threads - I find myself wearing t-shirts and jeans or yoga pants (if I don't have to leave the house) a lot these days, and I've managed to collect 3 of their shirts over the past year. I have the Grace Wins, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and Hope Anchors the Soul. When I wear them, someone always asks where they can buy their own. If you hold out long enough, they'll have a sale plus free shipping.

Now that my hair, brows, and lashes are missing, lips feel like the only normal-ish part of my make-up routine. I am using lipsense almost exclusively these days (my sister Becky sells it if you're interested), although I still have Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk and Clinique A Different Grape in rotation.


For a guaranteed pick-up to your day, make sure that you're following Macy Makes My Day on Instagram. Heather Avis (mama to Macy and 2 others) recently wrote The Lucky Few, which is on my "to read" pile, and her Instagram feed is just pure joy. You can listen to her on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey right here.

I'm going to blame Becky on my newly found love for subscription boxes. I have tried many since I visited her in OK for my birthday last year (it's pretty easy to try subscriptions for free or at a heavy discount as long as you cancel after the first box), but the Bless Box is my favorite hands down. I discovered Sazan and the Bless Box via episode #126 of The Happy Hour. Yesterday, Rory decided to try out some of the products with a pretty comical result (although comical is not what she was going for).



And because a favorites list would not be complete without ice cream, Sonic has new custard concretes and they are delicious. I've tried the Oreo Dark Chocolate and have plans to gobble down the Butterfinger Peanut Butter one before they're gone. Only good thing about warmer weather is feeling like frequent ice cream is justified. :)


Two more things - not sure if they can be favorites since I don't actually own them, but they're on my wishlist and they sure seem like they would be favorites! :)

The She Reads Truth app and reading plans are a long-time favorite of mine, and the newly released She Reads Truth Bible is so beautiful. I recently bought a new NLT Bible, which I am happily highlighting, underlining and using, but if I were searching for a new Bible, this one would be top of the list.

Finally, the Kantha blankets at the Dignify shop have been on my list of favorites for over a year now even though I have yet to purchase one. They are handmade by women in Bangladesh rescued from the streets. You can read all about how the company started here - it's completely inspiring. 


This is a busy week for us with a spring concert at school on Tuesday, guitar recital for Camden on Friday, pancake breakfast fundraiser Sunday. No chemo this week!


If you think those are bad feet, you may never view mine!!! They're cute feet!
Oh man... my "want" list just grew... by a lot! It's still very chilly and rainy here... but I may need those sandals when the warm weather shows up! I mean... shoes. They are a necessity, right?! ;-)

(I also like to smell good... I think it's why I love essential oils so much. They heal my body *and* make me smell nice!)

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