Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday (July 15)

Our household woke up to a 13-year old this morning. How did Camden go from this . . .


. . . to this so quickly? (I brought him Starbucks in bed for his birthday.)

Since today is his 13th birthday, this week's Five on Friday is all about Camden.

1. He finished his Little League career this week, and the season certainly ended with a bang. We won our first all-star game 15-0, but games 2 and 3 ended on the last play of the game with questionable calls. Although Camden wasn't in the starting line-up all 3 games, he did get to pitch in 2 out of 3 games and threw a whole bunch of strikes. I have a feeling he will be replaying one not-so-smart play in his head for quite a while, but I hope he also remembers the triple and the impressive number of players he struck out.





She thought I was taking her picture. ;)

2. His love for reading and music has not diminished over the years, and I am excited to see where both of these passions take him. His reading tastes are starting to change from all YA fantasy all the time to historical fiction, and he's even read a biography and some Louis L'Amour this summer (which makes Brian quite happy since L'Amour books are the only books he finds worthy of reading). He picks up music harmonies so easily and is doing a great job learning guitar. Sixth grade didn't offer choir for some reason, but he will be in middle school choir for 7th grade and can't wait. Choir has been his favorite "subject" for several years now. Well, favorite subject right after lunch.

3. He's so, so big with boats for feet. Like when I hug him, it's not like hugging a kid anymore. We bought him a pair of shoes in a men's size 8 today. Just this week he decided he wants to start lifting weights so he pulled out Brian's weights from the garage (where they have been packed away ever since we moved here 4 years ago).

4. Maybe because he's a boy (or maybe just because he's my kid), but his compassionate side catches me off guard sometimes but I am so proud of his emerging compassionate spirit. The way he takes notice of the mistreated and under-valued - the world could use a little bit more of this quality.

5. He may be 13, but there's still so much little boy left in him. The teen attitude may be creeping its way in, but he still is sweet and fun-loving and is not too cool for nerf guns, legos, and super hero talk. In fact, nerf guns and legos were both on his birthday list. A Starbucks gift card was also on the list, which cracked me up. (Rory bought him one.)


My parents were here last weekend so we celebrated a bit early.



Norman said...

Camden had a birthday! Yay!! And pitched a great game! Yay!!!
And went to Bible school this week--sounded great on FB!
Love, Greatgrandpa and 'ma

Mayme said...

Happy birthday Camden!!! It's unbelievable that you're 13!!!