Monday, February 29, 2016

Snapshot: Rory

Eight years ago today (yes, on leap year) in a little elevator shaft on the other side of the world, we welcomed a sobbing 17-month old into our family. Rory Katherine SaRang is giggling sprite of a girl, and we are blessed to be her parents. In honor of Rory's 8th Family Day, here's a little snapshot in her honor.

Reading . . . now that she's moved past pretending to love reading just because Camden does, her reading is more academic. As in, we strongly encourage reading time rather than her doing much reading for pleasure. She does like the Mandie book series, and just finished Tuesdays at the Castle and Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George. She also picks up my blog books on a nearly daily basis to read.

Watching . . . we recently watched High School Musical together, and I can't count how many times she's watched it since. She also loves Just Add Magic (an Amazon original) and American Girl movies.

Learning . . . to cook. She is fairly obsessed with helping me bake (and doing it on her own) these days. Saturday she made pancakes from scratch with absolutely no help from the adults in the household. And cleaned up, of course.

Developing . . . into a tween girl obsessed with her hair and clothes. There's definitely more tween than little girl in her these days. She loves her scarves and boots the most.

Trying . . . desperately to learn how to do a cartwheel. She has not had much luck so far.

Celebrating . . . with cupcakes and bibimbop.

 Still . . . singing at the top of her lungs, not cleaning her room, dreaming about princes, giggling uncontrollably

Favorites . . . red (color), fried chicken (this was news to me), How You Love Me Anyway (song), telling Camden what to do (past time)

I look just like Dre, don't I? As in, Dre from The Karate Kid (the movie she will watch over and over and over).



Kathy said...

Melissa, I remember so well when my husband and I started praying about adoption....and when we started looking at South Korea I found your blog. I remember sitting in our little basement office and watching your videos when you went to get Rory! Our daughter came home in 2009 and I have always checked in on your beautiful family. Camden and Rory are amazing kids! You are such a sweet family....thank you for sharing your experiences with your bloggy world friends. ;)

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Oh man... She and Spencer would have a BLAST together!!! There are so many similarities between them. And he says that he would be more than happy to help her with her cartwheel progress! Happy Rory Day!!!

Mayme said...

Where has the time gone??