Friday, January 22, 2016

20/366: Snow Day

Wednesday was our first snow day of the year, and it was kind of awesome. Lots of relaxing, playing in the snow, even a little cleaning/organizing accomplished. Thursday was Snow Day #2 (probably an unnecessary snow day, but this is Tennessee). I had to work but Brian and the kids were off. Snow Day #2 might have lost a bit of Snow Day magic, but we compensated by making chocolate chip cookies and letting the kids stay up until 10:00 (practically an epic evening in our lives).

Today is Snow Day #3 and it looks as if the promise of a winter apocalypse might be coming true since the weathermen are estimating 8-12 inches of snow. That definitely qualifies as a winter event in Tennessee.

The true catastrophe, of course, will be if we run out of creamer for our coffee while snowed in, which is a distinct possibility. I didn't exactly take the weather prediction seriously and it's past time for a grocery run.

We ventured out last night for a last-minute search for a snow shovel and sleds. The rest of Clarksville was also on the hunt and while it may have required standing in line for over an hour, a shovel and two sleds were acquired.

Brian and I have basically abandoned parenting and have burned our way through the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer this week. The look at our justice system and poverty was fascinating, and if we haven't been watching it, we've been talking about it. If we haven't been discussing it, then we've been reading news article on the topic.

I didn't take too many pictures; just enough to show the kiddos having a good time.










2016-01-20 12.51.48


Vicky said...

I binge watched the Making of a Murderer too. My biggest question? Have I missed something, or someone that proposes someone else who may have done it? There is still so much to the story I think we don't know! You seriously might have more snow than we do right now and we'll gladly let you have it, too!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

These. Photos. Are. Gorgeous!!!! Ok, now I am a little sad that we got no real snow to speak of...