Sunday, December 20, 2015

Me and the Boy

Camden has been out of school the entire week (don't even get me started on why our school deemed it necessary for 6th graders to have an extra FIVE days of vacation) so this week has been full mother/son bonding.

[I may or may not have told him at one point that he could not say the words "star wars" for the rest of the day. And I may or may not have said at least 562 times, "would it be okay if you stopped drumming?" I was actually screaming in my head, "JUST STOP IT ALREADY."]

We've done a bit of Christmas shopping, some Christmas wrapping, some Christmas baking, met a friend for coffee. He's been two 2 different coffee shops, had coffee or hot chocolate nearly every day this week, made a trip to Vanderbilt to get my port flushed (I may or may not have forgotten to do this since September. Oops.).

Twelve has been challenging. We had a big breach of trust earlier this year, and I feel like we've spent the last several months figuring out what it means to parent a 12-year old. I always imagined I would dislike the tween years (and I did mention they've been challenging, right?), but it is all kinds of amazing to realize that your not-quite-a-kid, not-quite-an-adult is actually evolving into a cool, funny, smart, kind, sensitive human right in front of your eyes.

We took a lot of selfies this week. By the last day, when I asked him if we could grab a picture, he replied "I kind of thought you might want to do that."



(not-so-successfully using my camera remote)




(well-known blogger, speaker, author, adoptive parent in the background . . . our first ever selfie stalking)


VinGirl said...

That's a lot of goodness captured, Melissa! Beautiful photos, and I'm sure the Star Wars part will leave your head sooner than the part where you got to spend lots of fun time with your son. :)

Melissa said...

Is that what's his name -- ahhhh, why is his name escaping me. Carlos Whitaker???

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

OK. First, I love that C was so willing to take all those selfies/photos with you! I do NOT get that reaction from S... so I am very jealous. But seriously... that's a whole lot of vacation time... LUCKY KID! And... I do not know who that guy in the last photo is. Please share!