Thursday, August 27, 2015

Soccer Kick-Off

I am kind of chuckling as I glance at my last blog post because it kind of felt all we've got this new back-to-school thing down and we're rolling with it feel.

And then I think about this week and how it's been crazy and there has been hardly a moment to breathe. Soccer, guitar, piano, school, church, lots of long hours for Brian, allergies for Camden and Rory, doctor's appointment/antibiotic for me has combined for kind of a non-stop week. I'm remembering why we used to say no to many extra-curricular activities.

 However, it's all downhill from here on out (well, this week anyway) because I'm off work Thursday/Friday. I sometimes feel guilty that I am off 2 days a week and then I come to my senses and just enjoy the extra time to work at home as a wife and mama.

Rory started soccer Monday, and I think excited isn't nearly a strong enough word for how she felt about it. She hasn't played a team sport since she was 5, but I think we're going to have a good season. Her coaches were great and Clarksville's parks and rec soccer association seems well-organized. (Quite different from Camden's park and rec baseball team that was literally coached by a homeless man who not only had no baseball knowledge, but he dropped out about halfway through the season. I am not. kidding.)



Vicky said...

Is it terrible if I am chuckling half way through? We're longing for school to start- still another week. But then the crazy, full, schedules really kick in, and what were we thinking about wanting school to start?

Not surprised about the baseball coach situation. So many parents who played the sport that don't want to/or can't invest the time in coaching, but then are so disappointed when an inexperienced person shows up, who has no clue. Although- homeless, takes the cake!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I so get this!! I feel like there is a "bliss" period of that back-to-school time where everything is new and exciting... and then everyone realizes that there is a LOT going on ... and it's exhausting! Oy. (We have another week and I am really, really not ready.) Wishing Rory a wonderful season!