Friday, August 07, 2015

Back 2 School

Does August 5-6 feel early for back to school? When I was in school in Illinois (more years ago than I would like to actually count), we didn't start school until the Thursday after Labor Day each year which is another solid month of summer. Camden started middle school this year so he started a day before Rory. He was a little unsure as to whether or not he wanted us to walk him in, but in the end chose for us to walk with him. He hugged us outside his door and then was off. I told Brian on the way back to the van that was the last time we would walk Camden into school. Sad.

Rory started yesterday, and she had a good day. A third grader is less articulate than a sixth grader so we didn't get quite as much real information from her about her day, although she spent a solid 5 minutes telling about everything that happened prior to her day getting started. Sharpening pencils and turning in folders is apparently riveting if you're 8.

We had crazy storms both first days of school so we ducked under the porch at the end of the day for a picture.

Two things from Camden's day:

1. His male science teacher made a big impression, and Camden is really looking forward to science this year. Camden said he was "funny, likeable, and just really open with us." What does that mean to a 12 year old? I have no idea! It sounded like such a grown-up description.

2. As we were pulling into the driveway at the end of the day, he said "Sixth grade is so much more fun than fifth grade." This is the exact thing he says every year, and I love that he still has such an excitement about school.



Two things from Rory's day:

1. She immediately told me she is "boy-trapped" at her desk (as in, she is surrounded by boys).

2. She learned that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean sea in 1991. Her poor teacher. I probably should have mentioned that rhymes do not help Rory remember facts.


(She requested a Vera Bradley bag for school this year, which we found out just meant a messenger bag; when I took these pictures, she asked if she could pose and look off into the yard instead of looking at me. Sassy.)


Coming home to a hug from your sister is just. so. rough.


Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I can’t believe they are back in school already!! That’s so crazy! (I’m a bit jealous though…) And, as always… I love the photos!

Vicky said...

Yes- its crazy early to be starting school. But, we still don't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day, and that feels too late. The pools will close next week, and the college kids go back to college so summer activities are done, but we have a lot of summer left.

Love how you capture the personality of your kids so well- your words match the expressions you capture and these will be so treasured by everyone some day.

Megan B said...

What's funny is that on our first day we didn't even discuss the year Columbus sailed! Now that we've finished Columbus, hopefully she knows the right year. I'm so glad she's in my class this year! :)