Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Our weekend was full of all kinds of good things starting with shopping for a new kitchen table. I'm happy to report that we found exactly what we were looking for at our very first stop, and some nice Amish man somewhere in Kentucky is currently building us one as I type. Okay, I don't know if he's started yet, but we ordered one anyway. :)

Friday night the kids went to a school event (kind of like a parent's night out), and if their sweat level when we picked them up was any indication of how much fun they had, then it was a good time.

Meanwhile, Brian and I decided last minute to throw a movie into out date night. The only thing we remotely wanted to see was Edge of Tomorrow, and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Definitely sci-fi, but not cheesy and an entertaining way to pass 2 hours. We did a little browsing at Anthropologie, ran into a fellow blogger (who happens to see the same oncologist as I do), then supper at The Cookery.


Brian and the kids left Saturday morning for a canoe trip. I offered to take one for the team and go along, but (thank goodness) they are 3-person canoes and there was no room for this nature-hating (according to the kids) mama.


I met my friend Tina at Phat Bites, and the food was as good as I remembered from back in January. The nearly 3-hour chat was a great way to spend the afternoon (as opposed to sweating in a canoe). :)


Sunday was church and all the busyness that comes with 4 hours worth of serving people. Brian and Camden spent several hours packing for Camden's annual birthday camping trip, while Rory and I kept Addison company.

They gave pretend pedicures.

Rory is just a tad ticklish.


Played a little music.





We read lots and lots of Fancy Nancy books. I am not having to work very hard to turn Addison into a girly girl. This video cracks me up.

It is possible that I introduced Rory to double-stuff oreos and milk this morning. Yes, for breakfast. We can't let the boys have ALL the fun.




So the boys are off adventuring again (it seems like this has happened alot this summer, but it's only twice) while the girls are keeping the home fires burning. Rory is currently watching hair videos (this is her new favorite pasttime; I just don't let her do it often) while I blog and hopefully get some scrapping done. The thunderstorms this morning made it seem like the perfect day to do absolutely nothing.


Christine said...

I adore your rambling posts! It's like getting to hand out with you! :) And the photos... I love them too! :)