Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Camden turned 11 years old today. Let's go ahead and get the required "how did he grow up so fast?" out of the way. 

This kid is starting to get legitimately funny. Not the funny where it's humorous because he's still learning or little and cute. No, he's got his own sense of humor and sarcasm these days.

He's one of those kids that succeeds at whatever he does (which is probably to his detriment at times since it makes him not have to try hard at anything). I can't wait to see what he settles on and gets really great at as he grows.

His 3 favorite pastimes are reading, playing Legos, and singing. In no particular order.

He's the kid that never seems like he's paying attention, but then can recite back word for word what was just said. Annoying, right? :) And don't even get me started on how he can recite movie lyrics or book paragraphs.

He comes through with a deep thought at the best times.

He still is a cuddler (a.k.a. super handsy with no sense of personal space whatsoever), and I worry all the time that I'm scarring him for life when I ask for a little breathing room.

He outgrew Gymboree this summer. Yes, this is devastating.

He is easily going to surpass me in height this year.

We are so lucky to call him ours.



Owlhaven said...

Happy birthday, Camden!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday!!! I feel as if I've watched him grow up through this blog over the last few years.

Oh, and I dread the day when my little ones grow out of Gymboree.

VinGirl said...

Happy Birthday, Camden!

KirstyB said...

Happy belated birthday, Camden! July is a great month for a birthday! ;)

Christine said...

Happy Eleventh Birthday!!! I hope it was fabulous!