Five on Friday (Nov. 22, 2019)

1. When Camden overslept recently, Brian grabbed Camden's favorite stuffed animal from childhood (let's be honest, Camden only recently stopped sleeping with this thing) and snapped this picture in order to bribe him with it. Brian promised Camden he wouldn't post it on Instagram, but I made no such promise about not posting here.


2. After a tournament last week and 2 games this week (and 2 games before Thanksgiving next week), the basketball season is in full swing. Rory is playing soccer this year, and they're already squeezing in weekly practices although the season doesn't begin until March. As I delivered a meal to a family with a new baby last night, I kept thinking how much simpler life was when I could still refer to Camden and Rory as kiddos instead of teenagers.

3. A Barefoot Dreams blanket, robe, cardigan (anything!) have been on my wishlist for years so when I saw the $180 blanket on sale for a fraction of that price on Nordstrom Rack, I immediately knew what my birthday money was going to buy. And the blanket is just as soft and cozy as I imagined. I fully expect to be fighting Brian and the kids for it.

4. I love, love, love the Christmas season, but I'm also a fan of Thanksgiving. Camden is outraged every time someone wishes him a Merry Christmas and is determined to singlehandedly save the Thanksgiving season. And he's right - I hate skipping over Thanksgiving. I love a holiday that is completely focused on family and giving thanks. And turkey and pie, of course.

5. A few favorites this week: creamy turkey soup (Brian smoked a turkey Wednesday so I'm cooking with leftovers for days), burning my new birthday pumpkin candle. It's stroop waffle season, which is my favorite treat with coffee on a chilly morning.


After a very slow start to the week accompanied by a few new aches and pains, my energy returned last night and I feel great today. I'm meeting my friend Lindsay for lunch. After lunch, I'm surprising Rory at school and taking her to see Frozen 2. Camden has a game tonight out of town and Brian has a very full Saturday and Sunday with several meetings. We have work and school Monday and Tuesday, but then plan to enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving week with family.


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