Five on Friday (March 22, 2019)

1. Two bookish dreams came true recently: I was put on a PR list (because of work) and I was invited to join a book club. My reading life has been quite meh in 2019 so a book club sounds like so much fun!

I've been listening to Becoming, which is Michelle Obama's memoir. I do love when an audio book is read by the author so I've had Michelle Obama in my ear for a while now. One of my nurses (we've connected over our love of reading) said it felt like losing a friend when the book finally ended (it's 19 hours long). I've also recently started listening to the Currently Reading podcast which comes with more recommendations than I can keep up with. I love that they end the episode with a book recommendation to "press into the reader's hand."

2. Our Friday morning small group has been going through Tim Kimmel's Grace Based Parenting curriculum. I wish I was naturally full of grace. I wish my kids didn't need grace. But I'm not and they do. This week has been especially challenging, and I've been so grateful for what we've been learning on Friday mornings.



3. After trying nearly every meal service available over the last couple of years, I've settled on EveryPlate. Not only is it the most reasonable financially, but the recipes are also the simplest. There's no fancy app but again, cheapest and simplest. We don't use it every week, but it sure makes these crazy weeks a bit more manageable and that's worth a whole lot. You can use this link for $20 off your first box.

4. Officially adulting when I used my Christmas gift cards to purchase a new cast iron pan. It's beautiful and I've used it nearly every night.


5. We're headed into our NYC trip with basically no plan so if anyone has great tips regarding a visit to NYC, send them our way. We have a list of restaurants/bakeries we want to try and that's about it. What I really want are tickets to Hamilton, but so does everyone else! The weeks leading up to this trip have been so challenging that a weekend away has often felt like more trouble than it was worth. The timing doesn't feel perfect. But if we can manage to leave the stress behind us in Tennessee, the timing is actually ideal.

Happy Friday, friends.



Oh my goodness!! So much going on!!! How was NYC?!?! How is C so big? (Those b-ball shots are great!) And how does R look so mature?! Whoa. I’ve had no time to read and even less time to listen. Very jealous of your book consumption and book group!

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