Five on Friday (April 13, 2018)

How about a little game of bad news, good news.

Good news: I flew to Oklahoma last week for a combined visit with Becky/work trip.
Bad news: I became very ill and missed the work part.

Good news: Becky's father-in-law is a doctor and her mother-in-law is a retired nurse.
Bad news: I ended up with a bag of IV fluids in Becky's living room.

Good news: Becky's father-in-law doctor called ahead and then walked me straight into a hospital room, bypassing all the bureaucratic parts of being admitted to the hospital.
Bad news: I needed to be in the hospital.

It was a pretty awful weekend, but I see the sunshine peeking out among the clouds. The past few months have been both physically and mentally exhausting, and I find myself incredibly anxious all the time. Chemotherapy for 18 months is no walk in the park. We're making some changes, including the addition of two more professionals into my team of doctors, and I already feel more encouraged and strong. Turns out there might be a good side to spending the weekend vomiting with an audience. Ugh. Not to mention, Becky and I certainly made a memory!

5 quick things

1. I've documented pretty well over the years how much Camden hates to mow the yard. Which is why the adults were incredibly surprised when he charged up his iPod and casually mentioned he was headed out to mow the yard. He noticed the tall grass and knew he could help. This single moment made me feel like we've succeeded as parents.

2. Camden took the math and reading ACT a couple of weeks ago and scored an 18 in math (he wasn't happy) and a 27 in English (very happy). If he can do this well in 8th grade, I have high hopes for a great senior ACT score and scholarships. Lots of scholarships.


3. Tennessee weather is finally having a turnaround and we've attended two soccer games in a row, both accompanied by sunshine. Both losses, but we won't focus on that.

4. For the majority of our marriage, Brian and I have spent Thursday evenings watching Survivor. Back in the day, we would set the VCR (it airs on Wednesdays and we're always gone, of course) then a DVR changed our lives and we abandoned VHS tapes. However we watched, it's been a consistent little date night amid the week. Something no one tells you about parenting is that as your kids grow older, they start to infringe on all the little times you have set aside with your partner. They stay up later; start watching your TV, etc. This season of Survivor started and instead of date night Thursdays, we now have family night Thursdays. Sigh.

So when MoviePass had a $7.99 special, we jumped on it (totally should have waited until our tax return was complete because UGH) and decided this subscription could be a little investment for our marriage. It is increasingly difficult to find time for even a kid-free conversation these days, much less date night but we are just going to make it happen.

5. Rory plucked her own eyebrows. Yes, she did.

Celebrating my Grandpa's 90th birthday while I was in OK.


mcgowan moments said…
Congrats on the ACT scores! And wow for Rory😉. Hope you’re feeling better. Sorry about your trip. Hope that the addition of the new docs will be a positive step. Love you friend.
Beth said…
Jocelyn did that to her eyebrows a few weeks back. Well just one eyebrow because (thank goodness) she soon realized it was heading South quickly. I had to pencil it in so the gymnastics judges wouldn't be distracted. ��
Ramsh said…
You‘re a superhero. 18 months of chemo (plus however many months previously) and living your life with joy and love. I am in awe.

And Rory‘s eyebrows! ��

Camden’s ACT - good for him. 27 is AWESOME for his age. Wow.

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