Five on Friday (October 28)

Okay, so maybe it's five on Saturday, but who cares.

1. Rory walked out the door with cowboy boots, fuchsia corduroys, and a red plaid shirt yesterday morning. I resisted all urges (past the initial prompt that maybe she had a shirt that might match a little better) to make her change.

2. Guess who made the JV basketball team?? We're less than a week in and life is already crazy, but I think it will fun to watch. And I know the extra physical activity is going to be good for relieving all that middle school angst and aggression. Or it will make him cranky because he's so tired. Time will tell.

3. Camden is attending a church Halloween party tonight so Brian and I are dragging Rory along for date night. Who knew scheduling an actual date night was only going to get harder instead of easier as the kids grow up?

4. I've had 3 photo shoots in the last 10 days. The weather has been perfect for every single one (we're currently experiencing a very warm but beautiful fall), and I feel a fondness for photography that has been missing for a while now. Pictures have been so important in my life for the last 10 years, but it has certainly taken last place on the priority list (increasingly so) since I returned to work 2 years ago. It feels refreshing to take pretty pictures of cooperative children and families, to know they have a little snapshot of time preserved because of my camera.

5. Because cooperative is the last word I would use to describe my children as it relates to the camera these days.



Although goofy might be a good word for this one.





Norman said…
You are doing great, Melissa!

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