Double Digits

Rory turns 10 today, and she cannot quit reminding me that she is a pre-teen. For a girl who wants to grow up as quickly as possible, this is a big deal.

We celebrated over the weekend while my parents were in town and she is taking snickerdoodle cookies (that she made herself) tomorrow for lunch so her actual birthday is a little anti-climatic. She requested Fazolis for supper (she is clearly not a foodie) and we have leftover cake and ice cream.

Rory is giggly and tenderhearted, ditzy and intelligent. She is an awesome helper and a hard worker. She spends an inordinate amount of time in front of the mirror fixing her hair (which is always a bun or braid). I am still her favorite human (although I have a suspicion the tween years could change this). She thrives on personal responsibility and independence. Once her mind is made up, you cannot convince her she's wrong. She is frightfully forgetful. She adores music and has no idea she cannot carry a tune. She cries at the drop of a hat and will break your heart with her crocodile tears. She loves all things bright and flashy. Her favorite phrase is, "well, that was offensive!" and "dag nab it."





She made a birthday list weeks ago. Literally, the week after Camden's birthday back in July (which is the earliest I would let her do it). *Because this serves as a memory keeper for me, Camden spent his remaining summer yard work money to buy her both a soccer ball and Mario Kart 8.


And a few pictures from this afternoon. She has absolutely no personality.








Anonymous said…
How is she 10 already! Oh wow! Happy Birthday Rory!
Norman said…
Happy 10th Birthday Rory, from Great Grandpa and Grandma Elledge!We love you! Nice pictures!
Vicky said…
She is as adorbs as ever- but I can see her face maturing- so pretty! Hope she enjoyed her day- belated Happy B-day!
Mayme said…
Happy birthday!!! We miss you guys!

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