Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Church Camp 2016

June is FLYING by . . . possibly because we went to NY (I will definitely blog about this soon), finished baseball season (oh, wait - Camden made the all-star team which means another month of baseball), sent the kids to camp, brought them back from camp, continued working, etc.

We arrived home from NY Sunday morning; Brian and the kids left for church camp Sunday afternoon. (Perfect. Timing.)

Before Camp

Becky, Liz, and I ate some donuts, had a photo shoot, shopped, watched a lot of NBA Finals basketball (2 of us are rooting for Cleveland); I also worked a regular schedule that week and introduced both of them to Barista Parlor.


After Camp.

Camden came home with no voice and a 102.8 fever; Rory arrived with pink eye in both eyes. William had a little stomach ache that turned into a 24-hour stay in the hospital. I drove to Paducah (because they were already on their way home when she and Micah decided William needed an ER) to keep Becky company in the hospital and bring Xavier home for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived home with Xavier Saturday night we were both sick. Seriously. It was kind of a crazy couple of days. Everyone has improved, and Becky and the boys are safely back in Oklahoma.


Never a dull moment.


Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Holy Cow!!! Your "After Camp" sounds utterly traumatizing!!! UGH. Hopefully everyone is all done with the sickies for the summer now.