Sunday, April 17, 2016

It's Been a While

It is entirely possible this is the longest blog break I've taken since Life as a Lewis began. It is not an indication anything is wrong. It is an indication, however, of how crazy life has been. In fact, I realized earlier this week that blogging had not even crossed my mind. While I may not blog as often these days, it is certainly rare that I don't at least think about blogging.

Baseball season is in full swing. While we have been spending the evenings wrapped in blankets, coats and sweatshirts, Camden has been pitching up a storm. During his first game, he threw so many strikes that he was able to pitch the entire game without needing relief and received the game ball for doing such an awesome job. In the spirit of honesty, I should admit he also hit two batters with wild pitches. Oops! Rory has made friends with a sister of Camden's teammate, and she spends all 3 hours chatting and playing to her heart's content. I love it.

I snuck in a surprise scan and visit with Dr. C. The big Cancer continues to just linger quietly, which is A-okay with me. In fact, my oncologist and I decided we could hold off seeing each other for four months this time. Four months represent the longest I have gone without an oncology appointment in over 5 years.

The kids were on spring break this week which presented a problem - I do not have spring break, and Brian's spring break was several weeks ago. That means they have done a whole lot of entertaining themselves, unfortunately. Rory had a playdate to the zoo Wednesday so I took Camden out for a cinnamon roll the size of his head. It's so easy to forget how important a little one-on-one time is, and we had a great time just tooling around town running errands. It was a busy service weekend for the church, so we spent much of the weekend working (Brian spent the whole weekend working).

Brian and I started the Fast Metabolism Diet, and it is so. hard. I mean, I lost 5 lbs the first week and Brian lost 9 lbs, but so. hard. No caffeine, dairy, sugar, wheat, etc. Basically lean meat, green veggies, with a few grains and fruit thrown in on specific days. This means I survived one of the most stressful weeks (both personally and professionally) on rabbit food. The kids gaze longingly at our Paleo beef sticks and nitrate-free turkey while all we want is a cup of coffee and ice cream. Week 2 was a bit easier, but still not much fun.

I was supposed to be traveling to Oklahoma this week (traveling for work, but the bonus was I was going to arrive a few days early and spend them with Becky), but the work portion was cancelled . . . which means the fun portion was also cancelled. The silver lining is that I won't have to mess up my diet, miss Rory's school play or miss one of Camden's baseball games. Still, I am super disappointed.

This week is more of the same: sleep, work, church, baseball, repeat.

Rory watching Camden's baseball opening ceremonies (notice all the baseball players on the field).

Camden is a Padre this year.


All she wants to do is cook. I'm trying to say yes as often as I can even though so often our schedule is busy, and I just need to get the food on the table as quickly as possible.

Finishing up a TN history project.

Eating a cinnamon roll the size of his head.

Planting plum seeds.
Evening bike ride and walk; there have not been nearly enough of these.



Vicky said...

I've prayed this was the case. Who would have ever thought we'd one day be so filled with everyday life, that coming here was just a once in awhile kind of thing? And 4 months without a visit- wow! I actually agreed to holding off on the 3 month scan and waiting another 3 to scan. Crazy stuff!

Norman said...

A healthy, happy, fun, inspirational, interesting, thankful, blog.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

It has been a while!! But you have lots of good happening in all that busyness!! You always make me stop and intentionally appreciate things more after posts like these. Thank you for that. (Have a great weekend!)