Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Snapshot #24

Reading: What Alice Forgot, the Fire and Thorns Trilogy by Rae Carson (I highly recommend reading a trilogy when all the books are complete - I've moved from one book right to the next and I love not having to wait)

Watching: The Great British Baking Show - it's so light and fluffy and all things delightful. Netflix has several seasons available.

Anticipating: My birthday trip to Oklahoma next week!

Listening: to the Sorta Awesome podcast, This Glorious Grace by  Austin Stone Worship, and the Afternoon Acoustic playlist on Spotify 

Loving: my new vacuum cleaner. Nothing like realizing how dirty your house actually is when you buy a vacuum cleaner with real suction power.

Starting: to begin planning for Christmas. Rory keeps reminding me this week there are only 7 Fridays until Christmas. I haven't checked her math, but even if she's incorrect, it is quickly approaching.

Finishing: I have THREE scrapbook layouts that have been in the works for weeks months, and I'm determined to finish them this week.

Celebrating: the Principal's List for Camden. The kid is crazy smart. It's kind of a strange thing when you realize your kid has totally surpassed your own smarts and you no longer have the upper hand.

Laughing: at Camden as he pulls a middle school trick and tries desperately to ignore Brian who is wildly dancing to Beat It in the middle of Sam's. It's the first time he's been visibly mortified by his parents, and I was laughing too hard at the novelty of having a middle schooler who was embarrassed by us to even think about videoing Brian dancing (which was also pretty hilarious).

Planning: to spend the day doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm working Monday/Thursday/Friday this week which means I have today and tomorrow off. The house is clean (ish), the laundry is done (ish), pantry is full (ish), and I find myself with free time. I'm heading to the antique consignment store to browse and then I'm bringing home an iced coffee and plan to scrap and work on photos until I pick up the kiddos. 

(Brian suggested I blog when I mentioned I didn't have plans for the day - so here ya go, husband.)