Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Break: The End

Fall break flew by fast and furious. I worked regular hours, Brian pressure washed the house, porch, deck, and driveway, stained the new deck, fixed toilets (ick) and did many other little jobs around the house.

We also managed to have a little fun by finally taking a trip to downtown Nashville's Cumberland Park. We still haven't been able to walk over the new pedestrian bridge since it manages to be closed every time we're in the area, but it was a great fall afternoon (pictures coming later). We introduced Camden and Rory to Edley's BBQ nachos for supper, and they were fans.

Tuesday after work we went to see Pan, and while Brian and I didn't particularly enjoy it, the kids loved it. Camden even went so far as to call it his favorite movie. Spoiler - there is a lot of very negative orphan dialogue that made me quite nervous.

We kicked off the weekend with a stop at Crema for coffee and a donut (a vanilla birthday brioche donut with askinosie chocolate filling - AMAZING!) before a quick 48-hour trip to Pigeon Forge with some church friends. I have to say that while we spent the majority of our weekend (seriously, nearly all of it) in the car because of insane traffic, it was nice to spend uninterrupted time with Brian (kids were with Gram and Gramps). We were also able to sleep in and managed to watch all 6 episodes of the final season of White Collar. I would call that a win!

We're hitting the ground running this week. It happens to be one of our busiest weeks of the fall season, so it's a good thing we had all that rest over fall break (insert a tad bit of sarcasm). All sarcasm aside, how lucky are we to have a fall break at all!