Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grades 2 and 5 All Wrapped Up

Second and Fifth grades are in the books, which means our family has survived the first school year with two working parents (throw in a little chemotherapy for good measure). The kids were both super hyped up from the moment I picked them up from school until they went to bed at nearly 9:00. Summer means later bedtimes around here. It also means the parents might be a little more frazzled at 9:00 than normal. :)

Camden says he's grown out of crying on the last day of school (he's done this every year but this one), and that was true although he was still a little bummed. 

They don't look hyper at all, do they? The traditional last-day-of-school Sonic slushies didn't help. They spent the afternoon going over their yearbooks, scrapbooks, journals. So funny. It's probably the only time of the year that Camden would let Rory read out loud to him for an hour at a time.

Rory's so ladylike.

Everything might have been all sunshine and roses yesterday, but on today's first summer morning, Camden is tasked with mowing the yard, and he is none too happy about that job. Rory is currently party and menu planning because she is insistent that we celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary (remember, she's very into romance these days). She is taking her cues from Fancy Nancy and thinks Brian needs to wear a suit and I should wear these shoes . . . which she's been wearing since she got home from school yesterday. When I agreed to let her plan a meal, I didn't know it was going to run into a full blown dress-up party. Not sure we have time for this right now, but it feels like we're committed to it now.


I've been working on the ever-growing "to do" list that should be finished before we leave for Disney (we're down to single digits!). Four days after we arrive home from Disney, Brian and the kids head to summer camp for a week so I'm trying to get as much done as I can prior to our trip.

On that note, I've got packing to get started on!


Monica said...

This has me laughing that she's planning your anniversary for you!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Single digits!! Disney, here you come!! And I too got a chuckle from Rory planning your dinner. How fun! (Or should I say, "How fun???") :)

Melissa said...

I love that she is planning something special for you -- so sweet!!

Single digits -- eek!!! So excited for you guys.