Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

I bought a $120 pair of shoes last week for $34. You know they're expensive when they come with a little fabric bag to live in.

Rory came down last night (well after bedtime, of course) and said she really wanted to do something together after her devotions. She walked over, sweetly picked up my hand, and asked if she could pray with me. Well, "OF COURSE," I said as I shed a little tear.

Five minutes later she came back down and said she had something else she'd like to do together. "Let's say something complimentary (she really used the term complimentary) to each other, and then let's tell each other something we can be better at."

And that's when I realized I was being fooled into letting her stay up late.

Also from Rory - "Mommy, did you know that yoga means you can do back flips off a desk without falling off?"

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was a super cute, very family friendly movie. Brian and I laughed a lot. The kids, however, did not find all the family disasters funny. It was hilarious how horrified they were.

My mom, sisters, and I have an ongoing group text. Did you know that the newest IOS update allows you to change the name of those group texts? We have had the best time switching out names. The current name is Storm Watch 2014 after I sent the following picture last night.


After bowling yesterday. One of us didn't bowl (me), one of us bowled multiple strikes (Brian), one of us got very very lucky with some gutter balls and think they're about to go pro (Rory) and one of us got very frustrated at being beaten by his younger sister (you can guess which one).


Christine said...

The bowling paragraph has me laughing out loud. That sounds like life here ... but without the bowling aspect. ;-)

Spencer went to see the Alexander movie with some friends this weekend and gave it two thumbs up. With the disclaimer that "Mama would NOT approve of some of the mess." Ha! He knows me. I guess?!