Happy December 1

Every year my goal is to make it to December 1 with most of the "work" of Christmas finished. I want the tree up and the house decorated. Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped (the wrapping never happens on time) and Christmas cookies planned and maybe even baked (this also never happens). I'm 100% behind on every single item this December 1, and we're heading into a hectic December (I know we're not alone in the craziness). This year we have the added bonus of chemo and very long days at Vanderbilt. It's hard to believe this is my second December in a row full of doctors and appointments and long days at the hospital, not to mention that I've now completed an entire year of treatment. Twelve whole months is a very long time, friends, and I am feeling every bit of it.

Before I list a few Christmas favorites, let me also tell you Wednesday's scan shows yet another decrease in cancer - I'm now at a 29% decrease from this time last year. If I can make it 1 more percentage point, then not only is that good news for me, but it is very good news for my clinical trial doctor and drug. That one additional percentage point means that the trial drug is officially successful and could have a long-term positive impact on many other cancer patients. And I still get the distinct impression I am their star patient, but maybe they're just trying to make me feel good. ;)

Unfortunately, there are signs the neuropathy is returning, which is no good, very bad news. I'm praying those side effects disappear. The drug I am taking to counteract the neuropathy is a sedative (yikes), but I'm only taking half the dose so we have room to grow. I do not have room in my schedule to deal with the sedative side effects, however.

So. I may not have any of my own Christmas goals complete as I write this morning, BUT I've found some great Christmas favorites that I want to share. Honestly, you've probably missed out on the discounts since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but they are great companies that you can bookmark for later.

I also want to note here that I have tried to purchase small business and fair trade more and more each holiday. I don't know quite how to make it to 100%, but I have purchased more this year than ever before and I am so proud of that.

Mery House Global - a fair trade global movement started by Kristen Welch who authored one of my favorite parenting books, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. Read all about their mission and then go buy items made by women in Kenya.

May Designs - design your own menu book, agenda, phone case, stationery, etc. I bought several gifts this year and it is going to be an annual favorite. (I also might have bought myself something as well, but I'm not telling.)

Dignify - I still haven't purchased one of the Kantha blankets, but they are on my list every. single. year. One of these days!

Bottle of Tears - I am certain we all have people in our lives who could use a little encouragement. I love this little company and its mission. I've sent one bottle this season and plan to send another soon.

Mezzati 1800 Thread Count Sheets - I didn't buy this as a gift, just replaced our old, worn out, and holey sheets. They are incredibly soft and so cheap!

And my favorite books of the year if you're a reader:
Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Fearless Parenting by George Barna and Jimmy Meyers
New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp
    On the off chance you need something to help track all of the money you're spending, I have been using the Daily Budget app for the past 6 weeks or so and it is easy to use, but effective (I am using the full paid version). I love it and it's the only budgeting app/tool that I've kept up with for this long.

    I'm going to do a catch-up post soon. For now, the best way to stay connected is via instagram - lifeasalewis. It's a private account, but I'll accept your request (especially if you comment here!).

    Putting up the tree. Camden is working on lights; Rory is singing away to Christmas songs. The reality of this was nowhere near as idyllic as it looks.

    We rearranged furniture so that the tree could go in front of the window this year (Brian's idea). This was also not nearly as idyllic as it seems, although I am enjoying it.

    Happy December 1, friends.


    So happy, happy happy about the scans!
    Unknown said…
    Congratulations for Good scan results! Sending big love!
    Kelly said…
    Great news on your scan, I will continue to pray for relief from neuropathy!
    Una said…
    Sorry about the neuropathy, praying it subsides with the meds and that the side effects are minimal. Congrats on the scans!

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