Five on Friday (October 20, 2017)


1. Brian and the kids spent a couple of days visiting Gram and Gramps for Fall Break. Listen, I won't say that wasn't looking forward to a little alone time, but it felt a little too quiet by the end of that first night. In hindsight, the quiet was providential because work has been increasingly busy and stressful for several weeks. I have returned to working 3 days a week (and then some). It's good, but has certainly been a time of transition.

2. Camden received an invitation to a box seat at the Austin Peay football game recently. I have mentioned before how sweet it has been to have men in our church choose to invest in Camden. I am confident this investment will impact him long after his teenage days are over.


3. With the exception of a brand new 2001 Pontiac Grand Am early in our marriage, the Lewis family drives old, cheap vehicles. It's always been a secret little dream to drive a cherry red car, and I do not want to return this rental (while our car is repaired from wreck damage). I am married to a Lewis, however, which will always mean no new vehicles for us, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.



4. When I uploaded the pictures of the car this morning, I discovered that I had a memory card with hundreds of pictures from our trip this summer that never made it to the computer. Here are just a few from Vail Pass. I need a vacation so I can work on pictures from vacation!





5. Date nights are rare these days, but date nights in which we do more than grab a bite to eat on our way to Sam's are even rarer. Last weekend we had dinner at Farm Burger than spent 2 hours laughing our heads off at a John Crist show. Seriously, I have never laughed so long and so hard that my face actually hurt. It was a balm to my soul. Tuesday we're leaving after work to drive to Kentucky for a Crowder concert. Two actual date nights in one month feels like a big deal!




Our weekend includes an all-day meeting for Brian, the annual talent show at school, and a regular Sunday. We're making a strong attempt to keep Sunday evening free - a rare commodity these days. Happy Friday, friends!


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