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After a fun 3-day birthday weekend with Becky, I dropped her off at the airport Sunday morning. Drove myself home, proceeded to become ill and then slept for over 7 hours throughout the day.  Thankfully, as I usually do after a day like yesterday (which happens occasionally; too often to call rare, but not a common occurrence either), I feel like a new woman today. I will blog more about all the fun things that happened (and the fun food/coffee consumed) over the weekend later. But today I wanted to let you know what's happening Wednesday. 
After 6 weeks off Taxol (and I have a small bit of hair and eyelash growth to prove it), my appointment with the oncologist Wednesday will determine whether I have to take a permanent break from not only from Taxol, but also the clinical trial meds. Selfishly, I just want to be done with it all. I am perfectly satisfied to skip chemo and wait for the cancer to return. I'm ready for hair and eyelashes again. I'm ready to feel better. If…

Five on Friday (October 20, 2017)

1. Brian and the kids spent a couple of days visiting Gram and Gramps for Fall Break. Listen, I won't say that wasn't looking forward to a little alone time, but it felt a little too quiet by the end of that first night. In hindsight, the quiet was providential because work has been increasingly busy and stressful for several weeks. I have returned to working 3 days a week (and then some). It's good, but has certainly been a time of transition.

2. Camden received an invitation to a box seat at the Austin Peay football game recently. I have mentioned before how sweet it has been to have men in our church choose to invest in Camden. I am confident this investment will impact him long after his teenage days are over.

3. With the exception of a brand new 2001 Pontiac Grand Am early in our marriage, the Lewis family drives old, cheap vehicles. It's always been a secret little dream to drive a cherry red car, and I do not want to return this rental (while our car is repaire…

Five on Friday (October 6, 2017)

1. October is my absolute favorite month of the year. The weather is officially cooling off, humidity is down, leaves are turning yellow and orange and red. The schedule stays busy, but there's room for an extra breath or two. This year October brings fall break and tickets to see John Crist and Crowder, more cross country and the beginning of basketball.

2. I'm certainly not used to reporting such good news 3 scans in a row, but last week's scan  shows a 24% decrease in cancer tumors and my CA125 is 30. Crazy!

Unfortunately, I have been experiencing significant hand/feet issues and we're taking a little chemo break. I will continue to take the trial drug via pill, but will be skipping my Taxol infusion. Dr. C will re-evaluate on a week to week basis. I'm guessing it will be a couple of weeks before I return to my full schedule. You will not find me complaining about this break.

3. I am nearly 42, but have never experienced a wreck before until yesterday. A teenag…