Five on Friday (August 11, 2017)

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart.
He helps me, and my heart is full of joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. -Psalm 28:7

1. Biggest piece of news from this week came during my 11-hour Vanderbilt day - scan showed a 15% decrease, which is the biggest decrease I have ever experienced over the past 6.5 years of off and on treatment. So that was pretty awesome! I'll try to ignore the dark little voice inside my head that reminds me it took a solid 9 months to make it this far. Ultimately, it does not change our treatment plan and 15% isn't even enough to be considered an official response to the chemo, but we will take it! Mom kept me company. Unfortunately, the timing of the appointments did not allow for fun food, but we did walk for a quick latte.

2. Both kids decided to participate in the cross country track team this year. I had no intention of adding to our schedule for this part of the semester, but it's certainly an easy sport. Because 5th and 8th grade are both considered middle school, they practice together, have the same track meets, and the same requirements. There's no equipment involved; this is just lots of running. Camden has jumped in head first and is running even when it's not required. His long legs are being put to good use. ;) In typical Rory fashion, she is participating mostly because she has 2 friends on the team, which is just fine.

3. The first week and a half of school have gone smoothly for the most part. The freezer is full of bugs - Rory has the annual 5th-grade bug project due soon. The kids have gone and switched morning personalities on me. Camden is cheerful, up early, and ready to head out the door. Rory is getting up late, cranky, and never ready. I have no idea what is happening! I do imagine that this switch to middle school is mentally draining, and she is feeling the effects of the extra effort her school days are taking. She's also never participated in school sports before so the practices and extra running requirements outside of practice are quite a bit to take on. I'm writing this as a reminder to maybe offer a little extra compassion and grace.






4. We picked up new glasses for Camden this afternoon. It's a new look for him (and he'll still be wearing his contacts for the most part), but I like it!



5. Weekend plans include a youth group water event for Camden and a date for me and Brian. Trying to get back into our bi-weekly dates because squeezing in a few minutes to talk is proving difficult with everyone back in school and running in different directions!


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