Five on Friday (May 12, 2017)

1. I may have given a serious eye roll on social media when everyone started complaining about how busy the end of the school year is, but then the last 3 weeks happened in which we have had one free night per week. There have been recitals and spring concerts and field trips and middle school meetings. This weekend alone holds a field trip, 4th-grade lock-in, men's breakfast, mother/daughter tea, evening fundraiser, and Mother's Day.

2. This week's trip to Vanderbilt was long. We arrived at 8, left at 5:30. There was a small break in appointments so we visited old college friends who are dealing with a serious cancer diagnosis. While I hate the reason we visited, I'm glad that we were there and hope to spend more time with them in the future. I also skipped over to work and had the joy of handing out surprise bonus checks! Dr. C is feeling good about my progress; I really am feeling better over these past 2 months. Having that extra week off back in March seemed to give me a little boost, and the new medication is controlling my pain level which is a stress-relief in itself. We ate a very early lunch at The Grilled Cheeserie and then decided the salted caramel peanut butter cup milkshake was too good to pass up, so we went back after chemo was over.



3. So this happened last night. He's been sporting a little mustache for a while now and when I jokingly mentioned shaving it, he immediately took me up on it.


4. Between work and chemo, attending field trips have been low priority (and it feels like there have been field trips every other week this school year). Despite chemo on Wednesday, I went with Rory for her final elementary school field trip, and I was reminded why they're low priority - she just wants to hang with her people, not her mama. I'm still glad I tagged along. I love seeing how she interacts with classmates, what makes her smile, what makes her roll her eyes (she is 10, after all).


5. A few favorites for your weekend: Teaching Our Sons to Walk by Shannan Martin, banana nut muffins (I wouldn't call these the prettiest muffins, but they're easy, seem to be fool proof and they're delicious).


All your good progress and Dr. C's happiness about it makes ME super happy for YOU!! I want to have a celebratory milkshake for you! :)
Joan B said…
Rory will always remember that you were there even if she wants to hang with friends. Congrats on the encouraging medical news. I think of you always and send best wishes.
Vicky said…
Can you message me the name of the new med that is controlling pain for you? I'm always somewhere between, pain relief, and vomiting- so I sit with the pain. Dr. P is great at trying to help- but I don't even know what to ask for anymore...

But that grilled cheese? Inspired me to make one at home- and oh my- I just need the milkshake to go with it! We'd be in such trouble if I lived there!

Really happy to hear you're feeling a bit better- that makes me breathe a bit easier for sure.

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