Camden doesn't always have a book in his hand these days; he tends to read in spurts. For instance, he read the 5 books in the photos below in the first 4 days of spring break. A couple of weeks ago, he read the entire Christopher Paolini Eragon series in a week's time. And then he didn't read again until spring break rolled around.

If you're interested, his recent favs include the Eragon series and the Reckoner trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.




Rory is reading Unstoppable Octobia May and Awkward.

My recent reads include:

by Lauren Graham (a fun, fast read)

by Kelly Barnhill (a lovely book that Camden and I both enjoyed)

by Jodi Picoult (loved this one)

by Ruth Wariner (tough to read, but a captivating memoir that addresses poverty, faith, and cults)

The Mothers
by Brit Bennett (about half way through this one - didn't finish it the first time around, but I'm going to make it this time!)

The Sun Is Also a Star
by Nicola Yoon (I've been on the waiting list at the library for MONTHS for this one, but picked it up yesterday and cannot wait to get started)


Seeing Camden with that big pile of books makes the bookworm in me so happy! :)

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