The 2015 Faves Project

I scrapped a monthly personal faves page a couple of years ago, and even though I feel like my blog is narcissistic enough, I'm doing the faves project again in 2015.



And a few more I've scrapped in the past month or so.

Project Life Week 8a

Week 8b


VinGirl said…
These are all so gorgeous! I love your mug too- I have a mug obsession. We just got over 7 more inches of snow here yesterday...I wish winter was over!
I love your blog because of how much of YOU you share… so if that’s what you call narcissism… then… more, please! :)

And I love each and every page here. (Especially the top two!) :)
Krista said…
Your scrapping is so inspiring. When I need a little inspiration - your blog is the one I visit. And love the photo of you and your camera!

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