The Color Teal

Friday's schedule included meeting Brian and his co-workers for their annual Christmas luncheon at Outback Steakhouse. Shortly after arriving, I noticed the teal shirt Brian's 4th grade partner was wearing and asked why he didn't have that color. And then I spotted more and more teal . . . it is the official Ovarian Cancer color, after all. Teal manages to stand out on its own, much less when nearly everyone present is wearing it.

And then I noticed that some of them said "Love for Lewis" on them, and I started to think this gathering might be a little more than a Christmas lunch.

Turns out one of Brian's co-workers was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and the subsequent treatment was fresh on her mind. When she heard about our family and started reading the blog, she organized the teal, collected money, gift cards (totally almost the exact amount we unexpectedly had to spend on Tamiflu and van repairs last week, by the way) and notes of encouragement. Even Brian's former school got in on the action. They were all so sweet, and I feel so undeserving.

Thank you isn't really enough, but it's what I have to offer.

One especially poignant note was from a teacher whose grandmother died as a result of ovarian cancer recently, and their family had decided to spend their Christmas money on an ovarian cancer-related cause.

To be honest, the teal show of support was enough. Everything else was just an incredible blessing for our family. Once again, we have been loved on in a special way during a difficult time, and I can only hope that our children especially will learn from this and pass on the love to others.



What a wonderful community you have!
You are soo deserving!
Amanda said…
That is such an awesome story!!
What a beautiful story! I'm so touched.

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