Keeping it Real

I had all kinds of plans to get back on track with documenting our life. I even had a grand scheme of blogging every single day in October in an effort to get caught up on sharing photos and stories. Not for my readers, but for me. This has been my main source of documenting our family's life over the last 7 years, and I am just not willing to let that go.

But to be perfectly honest, while very fulfilling, going back into the workforce is using up all I have. There seems to be no time left over for anything extra. I am full out putting all my energy into work, getting supper on our table every night, and marginally staying on top of the laundry and house. I'm sure a good night's sleep would do wonders!

As I head into the D6 Conference in Louisville tomorrow and know that I am realistically looking at 14 hour days the rest of the week, I have to let some things go. This week that has meant skipping consignment season. Those totes with fall clothing from last year are just going back into storage. I went out and bought cupcakes from Walmart for Rory's birthday celebration at school instead of the homemade ones she requested. And I'm going to let go of the blog and photos for a bit. Not forever, of course! Maybe I'll be back next week. Or maybe I won't be back until I return from my birthday trip to Oklahoma in early November. It will be the end of traveling season - I have four trips (as well as a CT scan and oncologist visit) between now and then.  Two are work related and two are fun - I'm looking forward to all of them, but the thought of it is stressing me out a bit.

If you can spare a prayer, I could certainly use it over the next few days. Intentional parenting and generational discipleship are so close to my heart, and I am super excited about being a part of the D6 Conference this week. As a worker, not attendee, my role is one of servant, but I'm still hoping to pick up some good tidbits here and there.


VinGirl said…
I hope you have an awesome fall, and enjoy your family as much as you can. Safe travels to you, too!
Norman said…
This seems awesome, but know our love & prayers are with you, as well as many other well-wishers, and before you know it, it will be over! Love You! Grandma E.
I sooooo get this!! Enjoy your month... I will be here when you return!!! Safe travels too!

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