Because we're both supremely out of shape, Brian decided to take on a 7-week challenge (and I hopped along for the ride). The first week is just about getting started and making yourself work. The assignment is to do the following every day: 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups and 10 burpees. Sounds simple enough, right?

Oh. My. Stars. I'm not sure my body has ever hurt this bad. The first day I breezed (mostly) right on through it. The second day I could hardly manage the sit ups. The third day I almost couldn't make myself even start the sit ups. Not sure why they're the hardest thing, but they definitely are. I am DREADING when we have to add something else to this routine. I'm also assuming at some point, it gets easier?

Because Rory has to mimic everything in life, she jumped right on in with the exercising. She cracks me up because she is so determined.  She did all of the exercises without missing a beat.

Then Addison thought she should join in. And she did miss a beat, but it was still funny.

And just in case there is any question, I in no way, shape, or form can get my butt that close to the floor. I seem to fail at most exercise attempts so this one is probably a lost cause as well, but I'm going to try really hard to stick with it for the 7 week program.


Anonymous said…
The first week or so is the hardest for me. After that, it starts to become, if not a habit, then at least bearable.

Whoever invented the burpee should be drawn and quartered.
Monica said…
Just cutting and weed-eating 3.5 acres for the first time in 5 years about did me in...can't imagine trying to do sit-ups, much less burpees. (And I agree with your friend's last comment above!)
There are lots of words I use when burpees are put in front of me. And they are not appropriate to share…. They just should NOT exist. (Unfortunately, I hear they do work wonders… but I’m not willing to go there.)

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