Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Camden's school had their annual spring concert last night, and it was all about Disney. So fun to hear all the familiar songs.

Camden had a solo/duet on Beauty and the Beast. I was just proud that he tried out for a solo because he's been too scared in past years. Sometimes taking a risk pays off. And I'm telling you, I could not have done this in 4th grade. In comparison, my parents had to pay me $1/week in 6th grade so that I would play the piano for church. This year he has given speeches, sung solos at church and now at a spring concert in front of a whole lot of people! And every time I watch him, I can hardly stand how proud I am.

And he sings harmony on the chorus! I didn't know he could do that.

Just warning you, they are so cute! Notice how they weren't standing close enough together in the beginning. :) (And thank you to my friend who sent me a much better video than I had - she was on the front row while I was on the back row.)

And Rory asked if she could pose for me. Well, of course!


Clearly no girly poses for this one. For today anyway.




Christine said...

Oh my goodness... I adore the video!! And the photos of Rory?! Fabulous!

One of Nettie's Girls said...

I just love the video...I've watched it three times now! I am amazed at their confidence and calmness singing in front of a crowd. Photos of Rory are always a joy to see...she must light up a room when she enters!