Oh, our crazy Tennessee weather. Last week we had highs in the 20's. Yesterday it was 77 when I left to pick the kids up from school. When I sent them off to school this morning, it was 67. An hour later, and the temps have dropped to 52 and will continue to drop. An ice storm is planned for tonight.

You know what that means? Everyone (and by that, I mostly mean Brian) is dreaming of a snow day tomorrow. It's Tennessee, so it's really a toss-up as to whether or not our weather forecasters are correct or not.

Just in case we're snowed/iced in (HA!), I'm going to the grocery store. Actually, that grocery trip was planned long before the ice, but it's a Tennessee joke that they clean out the stores in preparation for the storms that rarely come.

We put the tree up Friday and I snapped a picture or two.



You know those mothers who take beautiful, dreamy holiday photos? Yeah, I'm clearly going to have to keep working on that.


Vicky said…
Ohhh- so imperfectly perfect- or is that perfectly imperfect? Love it- I am so convinced these will be what we treasure the most in years ahead. xxoo

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